We graduate from an education hoping that the skills taught in the process will benefit us in our future career. In some cases people take certain education paths, where there are not necessarily so much demand for such knowledge or function in the society. Those people, if not working in that certain field of education, are left with a choice of either re-educating themselves in order to qualify for a function on-demand or taking alternate jobs outside their fields of education.

Then there are those who are positioned in a specialized functions such as doctors, pilots or accountants etc. While the specialized functions reaps great salaries, the problem occurs when an individual loses a job from those functions. If they cannot find a job in the same function, then they will be classified as overqualified for other jobs, thus trapping them in their own specialization and prevent them from getting jobs in other areas. Unless they are willing to re-educate themselves or find alternate jobs, their other option is to be dependent on labor unions within their field.

I am not saying that people should stop educating and specializing in certain functions, but rather people should also strive to learn a little about everything. Keep your minds open and get inspired by other specialties from other people.

Because in the end of the day, knowledge is power. You can only make things to your advantage, when you have knowledge about relevant things.

As a reference from an earlier post “SEE YOURSELF AS A BUSINESS”, when you see yourself as a business, you are more or less forced use all your knowledge and skills in order to be resourceful and create something better for yourself.

You must keep in mind that you are a an individual who have thoughts, ideas and skills that might be of value to other individuals seeking the knowledge that you possess. All you have to do is to bring yourself out there with the value you so eagerly want to share with the world.

Those who are resourceful never lack resources. Because the true resources you possess are the thoughts, ideas, skills and experiences that you have accumulated throughout your living years. Don't let it go to waste and embrace your values!


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