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You have probably heard people talking about how investing in commodities like silver and gold could help you secure your future wealth.

To understand the logic behind those ideas, we got to look back into history of world economy. In 1944, where WWII where nearing its end, there was a monetary conference held called Bretton Woods Conference, where allied nations in the war had to discuss future plan for the world economy. While many of the war participating nation's economy where in deficit because they had to finance the war, they had to come up with strategies to help rebuild their economy.

The outcome of the conference resulted in an agreement, which would tie the different currencies to the US Dollar, which was backed up by federal gold reserve. This means that you could exchange foreign currencies to US dollars, which then can be used to claim the gold from that reserve.

Fast forwarding from this period to 1971, there have been a lot of spending from the US economy in form of social programs, Korea war and Vietnam War, which lead many countries to speculate about the worth of the dollar, which they held as collateral for gold. Because if USA printed more money than what they have in their gold reserve, the value of the paper dollar would decrease.

So the other countries started demanding gold for their dollar currency at a speed rate that eventually lead US government to stop the process of exchanging USD Dollars into gold, thus cutting USD off the gold standard, along with the currencies that was backed up by the dollar. This was the introduction of the currency system we know today that is called Fiat currency, which has the forced value of what the government decides and are backed by absolutely nothing.

The problem with this solution is that if the market demands are higher than the market supply, then the purchasing power of that currency will decrease in value resulting in higher prices for consumer products. A term we know as “Inflation”. Even though the value of gold and silver does not really lose value over time, the precious metals will increase in the inflated Fiat currency system. Not because precious has become more expensive, but because Fiat currency that people trust have fallen in value and purchasing power.

While the world governments know this, they are also collecting precious metals and other commodities as an insurance for economic collapses that this Fiat currency system has the potential to cause. Because what they don't tell you about this Fiat currency system is that when there are more Fiat currency in circulation than what a nation's Gross National Product can support, then it causes inflation and the currency becomes more worthless.

That why some people are looking into investing in precious metals like gold and silver, which is of real and tangible value and have been so for at least 5000 years or more.

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