Are we really all that different?

In the real world, every human individual are not born equally, even though some philosophers might beg to differ. No matter what, fate will always give every individual human beings a unique life experience that is relevant for them to grow and mature. Some might be born privileged, some might be born in a middle class and others might be born poor.

Even though humans can be born in different conditions it inevitable that the environment of one’s livelihood is eventually subject to change. When the change happens it forms an individual giving them new experience for the better or worse.
There are three kind of personas in this world in that regard.
The first persona is “The Privileged”, born with wealth and have no experience of financial struggle early in life. While some might continue to be successful by following the foot steps of their predecessors, others might find a shift in their luck and lose majority of wealth. As for the latter, they may not know how to get themselves back to the same status as before and therefore end up poor.

The second persona is “The Educated Worker”. This persona have a social heritage, where they have been taught to go to school, get good grades so they can get a good job with a good paycheck to depend on. There are two sub-categories of this persona. One is solely dependent on working for others and live by the paycheck. They might aim for bonuses or raise in the salary, but they are always dependent on the employer. Second sub-persona is an entrepreneur by heart. They might have a 9-5 job, but beside that they have side-hustles and also might want to start their own business and be their own boss. Their aim is to not be dependent on an employer, but to be dependent on their own effort.

Third persona is “The poor”, who experience financial struggle in their life. Again there are two sub-category of this persona. One is a lazy person, who just want to take the easiest path as possible. They might not be ambitious about anything in life and just prefer to live a life without responsibility. Money are quick-earned and quick-spent.

Second is a person, who will struggle day-in and day-out just to get food to eat. They have plans to escape poverty and would do whatever it takes to reach that goal. They save their money and will eventually improve their lifestyle.

No matter how you were born or what stage your life is in right now, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you always need to make an effort to push forward. Because naturally inactivity and non-ambition will push you back financial wise and probably in more areas of life as well.

We all live under the same conditions and same natural laws.
The the only thing that sets us apart is the difference between the degree of ambitions and effort.

Be Ambitious, Make an Effort and Prosper!

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