Escape The Rat Race

In modern society, we most of us were raised to go to school and get good grades. The reason for the need of good grades is that it enables us to continue on a higher education path that teach us on how to be a employee that work at a specific function in a company or the government. Eventually we hope that this education will lead to a higher paying job and thus also hope to gain financial stability.

When we get a job and work by paycheck, we choose to strive, work hard and do our best in order to be praised as a valuable asset for the company. When we are a valuable asset for the company then we are qualified for a higher pay and thus become "wealthy". Or at least that is what most people hope for.

The above describe what some people would call a "rat race", the most dangerous social trap in the existence of mankind. It makes human believe that the "rat race" is the only opportunity that all individual human have in order to financially succeed in the world. If that were true, then there wouldn't exist financially successful persons in the ranks of Pablo Escobar or Bill Gates.

While both of the mentioned persons operated very differently, they had a common understanding of supply and demand in a specific market. They had knowledge about a specific market and utilized that knowledge to generate profit. They didn't have any fancy education to show for, nor did they depend on the academic path, as both of them were college dropouts. They just knew how to make money and acted upon it. It is true that individual humans need basic skills that are taught from education in order to function in society. Higher education gives higher skills, which allows an individual to work in functions that has a greater impact on society, depending on the level of education.

But the true misconception lies in the perception on how those personal skills that has been gained by individuals should be used in society. Because even though you graduate with a university degree it is not guaranteed that you will end up working in the field of your education. Many people spend 40+ years working at one specific profession and live by their monthly paycheck. They may or may not get raises during their career and spend most of their working life to pay off debts in form of mortgage, student loans or other kind of personal loans.

Then we have the people, who refuse to participate in the rat race, saying that the word "job" is an abbreviation for "just over broke", implying that a job is just an necessity in order to gain basic financial income to cover their living expenses. In order to escape the rat race, they must build a side business that generate automatic income for them. Now imagine how it would be for them, if they had multiple income-stream that generated automatic passive income for them?

They would be very well on their way out of the rat race and follow the path of financial freedom by their own effort.

To learn more about this subject I recommend reading the book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

Escape the Rat Race!

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