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You have probably heard people talking about how investing in commodities like silver and gold could help you secure your future wealth.

To understand the logic behind those ideas, we got to look back into history of world economy. In 1944, where WWII where nearing its end, there was a monetary conference held called Bretton Woods Conference, where allied nations in the war had to discuss future plan for the world economy. While many of the war participating nation's economy where in deficit because they had to finance the war, they had to come up with strategies to help rebuild their economy.

The outcome of the conference resulted in an agreement, which would tie the different currencies to the US Dollar, which was backed up by federal gold reserve. This means that you could exchange foreign currencies to US dollars, which then can be used to claim the gold from that reserve.

Fast forwarding from this period to 1971, there have been a lot of spending from the US economy in form of social programs, Korea war and Vietnam War, which lead many countries to speculate about the worth of the dollar, which they held as collateral for gold. Because if USA printed more money than what they have in their gold reserve, the value of the paper dollar would decrease.

So the other countries started demanding gold for their dollar currency at a speed rate that eventually lead US government to stop the process of exchanging USD Dollars into gold, thus cutting USD off the gold standard, along with the currencies that was backed up by the dollar. This was the introduction of the currency system we know today that is called Fiat currency, which has the forced value of what the government decides and are backed by absolutely nothing.

The problem with this solution is that if the market demands are higher than the market supply, then the purchasing power of that currency will decrease in value resulting in higher prices for consumer products. A term we know as “Inflation”. Even though the value of gold and silver does not really lose value over time, the precious metals will increase in the inflated Fiat currency system. Not because precious has become more expensive, but because Fiat currency that people trust have fallen in value and purchasing power.

While the world governments know this, they are also collecting precious metals and other commodities as an insurance for economic collapses that this Fiat currency system has the potential to cause. Because what they don't tell you about this Fiat currency system is that when there are more Fiat currency in circulation than what a nation's Gross National Product can support, then it causes inflation and the currency becomes more worthless.

That why some people are looking into investing in precious metals like gold and silver, which is of real and tangible value and have been so for at least 5000 years or more.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not financial, legal or political advisors. The views and opinions in this post post are based on personal thoughts, ideas and observations. The potential earnings of the promoted opportunity herein are based on the program provider business structure.

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Are we really all that different?

In the real world, every human individual are not born equally, even though some philosophers might beg to differ. No matter what, fate will always give every individual human beings a unique life experience that is relevant for them to grow and mature. Some might be born privileged, some might be born in a middle class and others might be born poor.

Even though humans can be born in different conditions it inevitable that the environment of one’s livelihood is eventually subject to change. When the change happens it forms an individual giving them new experience for the better or worse.
There are three kind of personas in this world in that regard.
The first persona is “The Privileged”, born with wealth and have no experience of financial struggle early in life. While some might continue to be successful by following the foot steps of their predecessors, others might find a shift in their luck and lose majority of wealth. As for the latter, they may not know how to get themselves back to the same status as before and therefore end up poor.

The second persona is “The Educated Worker”. This persona have a social heritage, where they have been taught to go to school, get good grades so they can get a good job with a good paycheck to depend on. There are two sub-categories of this persona. One is solely dependent on working for others and live by the paycheck. They might aim for bonuses or raise in the salary, but they are always dependent on the employer. Second sub-persona is an entrepreneur by heart. They might have a 9-5 job, but beside that they have side-hustles and also might want to start their own business and be their own boss. Their aim is to not be dependent on an employer, but to be dependent on their own effort.

Third persona is “The poor”, who experience financial struggle in their life. Again there are two sub-category of this persona. One is a lazy person, who just want to take the easiest path as possible. They might not be ambitious about anything in life and just prefer to live a life without responsibility. Money are quick-earned and quick-spent.

Second is a person, who will struggle day-in and day-out just to get food to eat. They have plans to escape poverty and would do whatever it takes to reach that goal. They save their money and will eventually improve their lifestyle.

No matter how you were born or what stage your life is in right now, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you always need to make an effort to push forward. Because naturally inactivity and non-ambition will push you back financial wise and probably in more areas of life as well.

We all live under the same conditions and same natural laws.
The the only thing that sets us apart is the difference between the degree of ambitions and effort.

Be Ambitious, Make an Effort and Prosper!

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Escape The Rat Race

In modern society, we most of us were raised to go to school and get good grades. The reason for the need of good grades is that it enables us to continue on a higher education path that teach us on how to be a employee that work at a specific function in a company or the government. Eventually we hope that this education will lead to a higher paying job and thus also hope to gain financial stability.

When we get a job and work by paycheck, we choose to strive, work hard and do our best in order to be praised as a valuable asset for the company. When we are a valuable asset for the company then we are qualified for a higher pay and thus become "wealthy". Or at least that is what most people hope for.

The above describe what some people would call a "rat race", the most dangerous social trap in the existence of mankind. It makes human believe that the "rat race" is the only opportunity that all individual human have in order to financially succeed in the world. If that were true, then there wouldn't exist financially successful persons in the ranks of Pablo Escobar or Bill Gates.

While both of the mentioned persons operated very differently, they had a common understanding of supply and demand in a specific market. They had knowledge about a specific market and utilized that knowledge to generate profit. They didn't have any fancy education to show for, nor did they depend on the academic path, as both of them were college dropouts. They just knew how to make money and acted upon it. It is true that individual humans need basic skills that are taught from education in order to function in society. Higher education gives higher skills, which allows an individual to work in functions that has a greater impact on society, depending on the level of education.

But the true misconception lies in the perception on how those personal skills that has been gained by individuals should be used in society. Because even though you graduate with a university degree it is not guaranteed that you will end up working in the field of your education. Many people spend 40+ years working at one specific profession and live by their monthly paycheck. They may or may not get raises during their career and spend most of their working life to pay off debts in form of mortgage, student loans or other kind of personal loans.

Then we have the people, who refuse to participate in the rat race, saying that the word "job" is an abbreviation for "just over broke", implying that a job is just an necessity in order to gain basic financial income to cover their living expenses. In order to escape the rat race, they must build a side business that generate automatic income for them. Now imagine how it would be for them, if they had multiple income-stream that generated automatic passive income for them?

They would be very well on their way out of the rat race and follow the path of financial freedom by their own effort.

To learn more about this subject I recommend reading the book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

Escape the Rat Race!

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invest in yourself and be resourceful!

What is the difference between successful people and everybody else? They invest in themselves!

When we say invest in yourself, most people believe that they should spend money to start or invest in a business. Maybe you would invest in courses, gears, software, tools or clothing etc. in order to further your success in career, business or life in general by spending money.

But money is not the only resource you can use to invest. Your time is also a valuable resource that you can use to invest in yourself. You can invest in yourself by learning new skills or improve on existing skills. You can use your time to do the necessary research and take the necessary action to further your goals. Its all about the time you invest in yourself.

When people say “Time is money”, they actually mean that their time is precious because they are the type of person, who invest their time to earn money.

We believe that if you want a successful investment in business, then you have to start by investing in your skills, knowledge and vision.

Invest in yourself! This is the most important investment in your life!