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Saem Samarnmit

Founder of NDiViD Consulting, web designer/developer and digital marketer with passion for IT and business development.

Along with educational background within the mercantile fields of IT technology and product development, Saem have years of experience working with IT, where he have had the opportunity to possess the role of an IT consultant and a technical coordinator.

He started his IT career working as a system consultant in the 1st and 2nd level support, where he helped the clients to troubleshoot and fix the issues concerning their provided IT solution.

A year after he accepted a job as a technical coordinator, where he helped a security guard agency with implementation of IT for their operations and the creation of the company webpage.

In October 2020 Saem decided to establish NDiViD Consulting with the aim of offering his skill and knowledge within web development, business development and digital marketing to entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Furthermore, he started exploring the possibilities of making money online with Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, MLM and Consultancy/Coaching.

With the knowledge and insight on how the industry works, he also helps his community by recommending authentic opportunities and guide them through the same process he has followed, in order to become successful.

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